Lung nodules are small (less than 3 cm) abnormal areas on x-ray or CT due to a small growth, or scar ,or area of inflammation. There may be one or there may be several of them. They are usually found as an incidental abnormality when an x-ray or CT scan is carried out for another reason.

They are usually benign and might even clear up on a follow up x-ray or CT scan. However, it is important to make sure that the nodule is not an early lung cancer when there would be the opportunity to treat it before it becomes more advanced.

Sometimes, the appearances of the nodules allow them to be confidently dismissed as unimportant. Others will require follow up or other investigations. Careful clinical assessment by a respiratory physician is needed who will then discuss the radiological images with a specialist in respiratory radiology to advise on the appropriate action and the follow up plan if one is needed.