Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can arrange an appointment without having a referral letter – unless that is a requirement of your healthcare insurance company. However, it is often helpful to have relevant background details and any laboratory results provided by your GP.
You should bring your healthcare insurance details if you have insurance (insurer, policy number, authorisation number). You should try to bring as much information as possible to assist with clinical assessment – referral letter and background history from your GP, any blood test or other results, home measurements of your breathing (eg Peak Flow), video of your breathing or of your sleep etc. It can be helpful to bring Dr McAlpine some written notes about your problem, the timeline, and any background health details. Please bring a note of your treatments and medication.
Please contact BMI Ross Hall Hospital or Nuffield Health Glasgow Hospital to request an appointment.
No, you will need to remember to make your follow up appointment.
Dr McAlpine sees people aged 16 years and over – but not people aged under 16 years.
Yes, Dr McAlpine can access x-rays and scans carried out in the NHS in Scotland. You can bring your x-ray and scan images on a CD if they have been carried out in England or internationally and they can be uploaded for evaluation by Dr McAlpine and a specialist in lung imaging.
Dr McAlpine can see blood and other investigations carried out in NHS Lanarkshire but not elsewhere. You should ask your GP for a print-out of your results to bring with you or to be sent to Dr McAlpine for his attention by post or to
Yes, spirometry testing is a routine part of assessing symptoms arising from the lungs and will be carried out within the consultation.
Yes, there will be charges from the hospital if investigations are carried out. There might be a charge for spirometry and there would be charges for ECG, blood investigations, x-rays, scans, sleep study etc. These will often be covered by your insurer but you should check. The cost of any tests can be supplied to you if you are self-pay.
No, you should book an appointment with Dr McAlpine to discuss your results. However, Dr McAlpine would be in touch with you if a result came through that needed action to be taken urgently.
Dr McAlpine only carries out face-to-face consultations.
Yes, you can reach his office through: and leave your message. Someone will get back to you if an answer is required.
Yes, Dr McAlpine regularly provides medical reports in relation to occupational issues and health – including CAA certification (and other similar occupational situations) when there are potential underlying respiratory health problems. He will also provide assessment for Occupational Health specialists who are concerned that the work environment might be affecting your lung health.
No, Dr McAlpine has discontinued his medico-legal practice and no longer provides assessments and reports for medico-legal purposes, civil claims, driving and breathalyser cases etc.