Case Study

AB, Glasgow

I had been concerned about a persistent cough and mild breathlessness for several months and decided to arrange an appointment with Dr McAlpine, a consultant in Respiratory Medicine. I was seen within a week at the Nuffield Hospital, Glasgow, at a convenient evening appointment.

Dr McAlpine listened patiently to my concerns, took a detailed history, and carried out a thorough examination. His approach was very patient-centred and caring. He took me through the differential diagnosis and potential investigations and then shared management options before deciding on the best way forward.

While we decided not to opt for a CT scan initially, this was revisited some weeks later. It was easy to call back to arrange the scan and I spoke through the procedure with a radiographer. I had the scan and a follow-up appointment with Dr McAlpine in under two weeks.

At this second appointment, we looked at the CT images together and he carefully explained all the findings. The explanation was tailored to my understanding in a clear, concise manner. Thankfully, the scan was normal and he was able to reassure me that no serious pathology had been unearthed.

From start to finish, I was impressed with the overall efficiency of the service and with Dr McAlpine’s communication skills, professionalism, knowledge, experience and decision-making. I would highly recommend his practice to anyone requiring a respiratory opinion.

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