You might have had chest x-ray, CT scan or other imaging test and the radiologist reporting the image has the impression that underlying respiratory disease needs to be considered by a specialist.

Sometimes, these abnormalities are found when the imaging test was arranged in relation to a clinical problem unrelated to the respiratory system.

The radiologist’s impression could relate to COPD, emphysema, lung fibrosis, fluid in the chest, lung nodules or masses, cancer, or other issues. Often a diagnosis was not actually made and these possibilities were simply being drawn to the attention of the clinician for consideration. These situations cause understandable concern. Dr McAlpine will first assess the clinical context as this is fundamental to interpretation of the images and to planning the way forward. He works closely with specialists in lung imaging to bring clarity from expert interpretation of your x-rays and scans.

We can access these x-ray and CT images if they have been carried out in the NHS in Scotland or in another private hospital in the same organisation. They can be imported from a CD if they have been carried out elsewhere or internationally.